The Innocent

FROM THE BOOK NOOK: Wanting an Amish novel that will make you laugh? Cry? Or both? Look no further. Here’s where you’ll find the newest releases to hit the bookshelves.

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Winners and Your Weekly Recap

Don't fret if you missed a few posts this week on Amish Wisdom. Today we have your weekly recap - and, as always, scroll down to find out if you're one of our weekly winners! This Monday, Ervin Stutzman told us about his knowledge of the Amish, his writing process and his new book Joseph's Dilemma … Continue Reading

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Change of Heart

FROM THE COOK’S CORNER: Amazing, tried and true recipes from Plain (and nearly-Plain) kitchens. The next time you’re looking for something wonderful to try, check out Cook’s Corner! Deliciousness is just a click away.

Georgia Varozza cooks up some homemade noodles on

Homemade Noodles with Georgia Varozza

Have you ever thought of making your own homemade egg noodles? It’s surprisingly easy and the fresh taste is unsurpassed. Plus, I think points can be given for the satisfaction quotient—by the work of your hands and the love in your heart you can feed your family a tasty meal that even kids will … Continue Reading

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FROM TRAVELER’S TIPS: Planning a trip to Amish country? Or maybe you just got back from one. This is the place to share your pix, tips, suggestions, things to do…or to skip!

Molly Jebber takes us to Holmes County, Ohio on

Travel to Holmes County with Molly Jebber

My new book, Change of Heart takes place in 1899 in Berlin, Ohio. The idea for the story came from my fascination with and admiration for the Amish. I love to visit Amish communities. This month my husband and I went to Holmes County, Ohio. We ate fresh baked bread, fried chicken, perch, and the … Continue Reading

Laura V. Hilton takes us to Osceola, MO on

Laura V. Hilton Takes Us to Osceola, Missouri

This past March my family and I decided to make a quick trip up to Jamesport, Missouri,  again—which I wrote about in my April Amish Wisdom post. My daughters and husband were all excited – but my sons went under duress, until they discovered we were going to stop at a cheese store in Osceola, … Continue Reading

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FROM ASK THE AMISH: Ever wondered what it’s really like to be Amish? Ask away! Our Amish scribe will return questions to me each week.

Ask the Amish -

What do Amish Women Put in Their Hope Chests?

Q: What items do Amish girls typically include in their hope chests?      ~Cassandra Argo A. The contents of a hope chest vary from family to family. Most will include several quilts, pillow cases, table cloths, potholders, and tea towels. For those who are more crafty, they might have … Continue Reading

Ask the Amish -

Ask the Amish Gardener: Keeping Moles Out of the Yard

Q: How do you control moles from destroying your yard and plants? It is my understanding that moles are seeking to eat insects and grubs. I have read that by putting lime granules down it neutralizes the soil. I would love to learn the Amish natural remedies to preserving your grass, flower gardens, … Continue Reading

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FROM BEYOND THE BONNETS: Q&A with Authors, Conversations about the Anabaptists, thoughts about community, ideas about how to bring the best of the Amish into your life.

Emma Miller - teaching at an Amish school -

Teaching in a One-Room Amish Schoolhouse – Part Two

Read the first part of this two-part series here. It was 9:35 on my first day as a teacher in a one-room Amish school and the detailed lesson plan that I'd been promised I'd find in my desk wasn't there. For what seemed the longest moment of my life, I stood by my desk and stared at 25 pairs of … Continue Reading

Some old fashioned ways the Amish communicate - Erik Wesner -

3 Old-Fashioned Ways Amish Communicate – Erik Wesner

Does it surprise you when I tell you that my Amish friends are a little harder than my non-Amish friends to get ahold of? Not terribly so, but if I want to contact someone in Lancaster County for instance, it usually involves leaving a message on the answering machine on the phones that each of … Continue Reading

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