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FROM THE BOOK NOOK: Wanting an Amish novel that will make you laugh? Cry? Or both? Look no further. Here’s where you’ll find the newest releases to hit the bookshelves.


Amish Wisdom Happenings & Winners Announced!

Have you done any research on which one of your favorite authors have new releases coming out this fall? If so, tell us below in the comment section which title you're looking forward to the most! And don't forget to tell your friends about Amish Wisdom - share a link to the site on Facebook or … Continue Reading

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Best and Brightest

FROM THE COOK’S CORNER: Amazing, tried and true recipes from Plain (and nearly-Plain) kitchens. The next time you’re looking for something wonderful to try, check out Cook’s Corner! Deliciousness is just a click away.


Peach Pie Heaven – Saloma Miller Furlong

I first noticed how different Clara Yoder was from the other women in my Amish community one bright summer day at church. She was known as “Olin Clara” in the community. The Amish go by first names, but there are many common names, so the husband’s name is used as a prefix to tell one Clara from … Continue Reading

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FROM TRAVELER’S TIPS: Planning a trip to Amish country? Or maybe you just got back from one. This is the place to share your pix, tips, suggestions, things to do…or to skip!

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Want to own an Amish Country B&B in Millersburg, Ohio?

Wanted: new owner for an award winning bed and breakfast located in the largest, year-round tourism area in Ohio, which is also the World’s Largest Amish Community. Experience: only the desire to own a bed & breakfast. Requirements: 200-word essay as to why you want to own this bed and … Continue Reading

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FROM ASK THE AMISH: Ever wondered what it’s really like to be Amish? Ask away! Our Amish scribe will return questions to me each week.

Ask the Amish - www.amishwisdom.com

Ask the Amish: What is the average size of Amish farms?

What is the size of an average Amish farm? Do they grow enough crops to both sustain their own animals or enough to sell as well?                   ~ Jill Korinek That depends again on what community they live in. Some communities that is 80 acres, others it is 160 acres. The smaller farms … Continue Reading

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FROM BEYOND THE BONNETS: Q&A with Authors, Conversations about the Anabaptists, thoughts about community, ideas about how to bring the best of the Amish into your life.

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Amish Women at Work – Kate Lloyd

No one can call Amish women lazy! An Amish wife is often the first to get up in the morning. She might run a load of laundry at five AM—no small chore to accomplish without electricity—then move to the kitchen to brew coffee and prepare breakfast for her spouse and children. She bakes, preserves … Continue Reading

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