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FROM THE BOOK NOOK: Wanting an Amish novel that will make you laugh? Cry? Or both? Look no further. Here’s where you’ll find the newest releases to hit the bookshelves.

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Get to Know Kelly Irvin, author of “The Bishop’s Son”

What are your favorite hobbies when you’re not writing? I love to read mysteries and suspense. I’ve read every one of Sue Grafton’s A-Z mystery series. (We’re up to X) With a full-time job and my writing, I don’t get to do nearly enough reading for pleasure. I’m a big fan of sappy chick-flick … Continue Reading

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FROM THE COOK’S CORNER: Amazing, tried and true recipes from Plain (and nearly-Plain) kitchens. The next time you’re looking for something wonderful to try, check out Cook’s Corner! Deliciousness is just a click away.

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Can She Make An Apple Pie? -Melodie Davis

When apple season returns, I begin to crave a good old homemade, warm apple pie. When my husband, Stuart, and I were just engaged, he talked me into making five apple pies for the annual hog butchering held at his dad’s house, who was a widower. Hog butchering—and a big feast to go with it—is still … Continue Reading

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FROM TRAVELER’S TIPS: Planning a trip to Amish country? Or maybe you just got back from one. This is the place to share your pix, tips, suggestions, things to do…or to skip!

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FROM ASK THE AMISH: Ever wondered what it’s really like to be Amish? Ask away! Our Amish scribe will return questions to me each week.

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Ask the Amish: How does shunning work?

I have a question about shunning. I've read that someone can get shunned in the Amish community if they do something against the Amish beliefs. My question is how does that work? I know that the Amish are very forgiving people, so how can someone be shunned if the Amish forgive … Continue Reading

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FROM BEYOND THE BONNETS: Q&A with Authors, Conversations about the Anabaptists, thoughts about community, ideas about how to bring the best of the Amish into your life.

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Amish Cottage Industries – Kelly Long

I remember once, when I was in my twenties, that my dad moonlighted after his regular job for about two months—much to my mother’s dismay and varied protests. But, it turned out that my father had remembered something looming that my mother had not—their wedding anniversary. So, he coaxed mom into … Continue Reading

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